Amazing Apps

Amazing Apps aims to collect awesome apps on major OSes
and provide a simplified list for everyone.

Amazing Windows Apps

Windows is a universal PC OS developed by Microsoft corporation.
Amazing Windows Apps aims to fantastic apps on Windows.

Amazing macOS Apps

macOS is the OS used on series computers fromApple

Amazing GNU/Linux Apps

GNU/Linux is Unix-like OS free and open-source, developed by Linus Beneditc Torvalds
Amazing GNU/Linux Apps aims to introduce powerful GNU/Linux apps.


Android is an open- source moblie OS based on Linux, developed by Google


iOS is a proprietary OS that Appledevelop for moblie devices, supporting iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Firefox Addons

Mozilla Firefox is an open-source web browser developed by Mozilla found and its Subsidiary. Here we introduce its addons.

What we do

Amazing Apps doesn't stack apps into a list. All apps in our lists are listed after our manual review and meet following conditions.


If the app requires to pay, it must be well-maintained and receive cyclical patched. If it is free or open-source, it can stopped being maintained after general project goals achieved or no obvious bugs any more.


Developers should respect and protect users privacy. Private info from users should never be exposed to any third party unless it is legal procedure or users request.


Any users who master basic PC skills should reach most parts of the app.


Compatible with most versions of the OS serires. E.g., Windows apps should be compatible with Windows 7/8.1/10.


The apps should be free with non-invasive ads. There should not be any ad if users are required to pay first or if there are features required to be paid for.


The app should have some extraordinary feature instead of packing everything up.

Get in touch

Contact us via our GitHub Org page, email, Telegram group, etc. All methods are listed below. Your feedback is always welcome.